Olivia Vita: Compass EP


Olivia Vita is a folk songwriter from Washington, D.C. (I think?). This 4 track EP has a lot to offer, mostly in the form of elegant song structures, vocal melodies and a certain sharp intelligent sadness. It’s almost cinematic in the writing, Olivia Vita knows how to write a song that cuts through any and all barricades and gets right to the heart of the listener. It’s a very personal EP, and that’s always an amazing accomplishment. To be brave enough to say exactly what you want in music, pulling from experiences and creating something that will live on as long as there are people listening. Water is a theme on this album, I related to that a lot. I grew up near a lake, and however directly or indirectly water has always been a motif in my art.

I think it goes beyond just me, as we are all composed of water after all. The way Olivia’s voice rings out gives this EP the sound of being recorded in a small and intimate setting. It reminds me a lot of Neko Case. It’s a well put together, well written, personal and sad EP. Sadness is something that isn’t explored enough these days, and Olivia Vita has obviously known pain. Songwriting and composition can be seen as therapeutic, to overcome the struggles of our lives we sing and write because we must. The Compass EP is short, ethereal and lovely.

Listen here: https://soundcloud.com/olivia-vita/sets/compass

Olivia Vita: Compass EP

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