Weston Smith: The Window

Weston Smith

Weston Smith is a synth pop lo-fi soundscape act from Nothern Virginia. Mellow, spacey, vibrant and calm. Weston Smith has a definite indie synth production sound, which I have always enjoyed. I like music when it is pure emotion. I enjoy it so much when a creator can perfectly capture their emotion and experience into song. Self made albums and songs have such clear personality and the grace and creativity of the individual.

Weston Smith has a lot of different kinds of sounds bouncing around and overlapping, the different instruments come and go, interspersed evenly to create a powerful sound without ever getting too loud or ever being out of place. I’m reminded the most of Washed Out, another great band in the same style. I’m not a huge expert on this genre of music, but I know that every time I hear the synth intro of The Window I can’t help but feel relaxed, calm and introspective. There’s just something about Weston Smith that will stay with you long after the song has ended. There will be a full album release soon, but until then you can check out The Window here:


Weston Smith: The Window

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