The Escape Artist: Constellations


The Escape Artist is a post-rock/shoegaze band from Washington, D.C. The stars, the skies, the vast spaces between mind and body. These are the images evoked in my mind from the first few minutes of this album. This album is complicated, with multiple guitar layers that swing and dance across the soundscapes. Every track has its own canvas, brushed by The Escape Artist with soothing, intimate melodies. It feels like personal music, with the steady pulsing drumming. The bass and drums lay back for the two lead guitars to direct the sound. That’s something that takes a lot of skill, building a foundation of that DC spaceship. This is very trance, shoegazing post rock. It glazes over the mind like morphine, with its blissful, late night sound. It reminds me of being young on a dark night, looking up at the sky and seeing the infinite vastness of space. That first moment when it becomes clear that the universe is so much greater than humankind could ever be. The realization that not everything is concrete, or can be explained. Awestruck before the majesty of the infinite. That’s the feeling Constellations bring out in me. Beauty and wonder, fear that if you look too long into the stars you will float to them. The Escape Artist is like no other band I’ve ever heard before in the way they build their songs. Wanda Perkins leads the vocals with grace and a subdued elegance, adding more depth and beauty to every song on Constellations. The vocal harmonies over the guitar harmonies give a deep resonance to the walls of sound.

I often got lost in the sounds and songs I meant to pay much closer attention to. It’s just a natural reaction, the songs carry the mind of the listener with them out into space. It’s a classic sound in that way, with elements of sixties psychedelic and more modern post rock bands. The Escape Artist is a staple of the DC scene, and it’s easy to see why. Check out Constellations below, or go see them perform in DC soon! They put on an excellent live show.

Listen here:

The Escape Artist: Constellations

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