Fellowcraft: Get Up Young Phoenix


Fellowcraft is a rock and roll band from Washington, D.C. Get Up Young Phoenix is the best kind of release. It’s heavy, dark, exciting, introspective and personal. The guitar tone is varied and unique throughout each track. It gives each song a distinct and memorable personality that stays with the listener long after the track has ended. The songs are long and poignant. Additionally, the album has such a nice flow. It doesn’t get too slow and emotional for too long, but each emotion expressed is bursting with sincerity and a genuine pain. There’s nothing forced or out of place in Fellowcraft. They know how to write the songs they want to write, and sing the songs they want to sing.

This, to me, is how music becomes timeless. Not written to be or express anything other than exactly who these people are at this moment in time. The guitar lines are killer, the bass is subtle when it needs to be but also powerful and everything has a very nice tone. That guitar tone and bass tone really shine all throughout Get Up Young Phoenix. Smooth and clean when it needs to me, rough and fuzz driven as it flows. The drumming is exceptional. The fills are solid, and the chemistry between the bass and drums is tangible. As someone just learning how to play the drums, I was fascinated by the nuance and overall skill. Fellowcraft is a talented band, and it’s easy to see why they have been so successful with their debut album. Special mention to The Dying Of The Light, it’s an excellent song.

Fellowcraft has a bunch of shows coming up, go check them out in D.C. and beyond! For more information about shows, booking, and album sales head to: http://www.fellowcraftband.com


Fellowcraft: Get Up Young Phoenix

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