All The Best Kids: Go Out With A Bang


All The Best Kids is a hip hop/indie band from Washington, D.C. This album is like nothing else in D.C. The raw energy, that passion that pour out from every measure making listening to this album such a pleasure from the first track to the last. High energy, beautiful vocals, intense and intellectual songwriting, these are just a few of the things that stand out. All The Best Kids tell stories of life, stories in a way that’s relatable, it resonates with the human experience. They want to connect to the core of who we all are, and the shared human experience. It’s always impressive when a band can be this honest and direct with their composition. To get the full experience of this album, I listened to it multiple times. Once, to focus on the ebb and flow of the vocals, the way the ideas are expressed and fully comprehending the way that the lyrics build on top of each other. Once to focus on the unparalleled excellence of the music and song composition. The beauty of every piece, the way the rhythms ebb and flow, cascading over each other with a deep and natural flow. There is a lot going on in the songs on this album, it has a sort of intelligence and real life to it. The songs sound real, like an old friend telling you all about how they are, how they’ve been. There’s a lot of conversation in these songs, and that calls back to the late eighties and early nineties hip hop. It doesn’t feel nostalgic though, it’s more the evolution of that sound.  This is pop music how it could be composed, from the heart and soul with nothing but passion and solid drive throughout. Free from any corporate watchdog or producers telling them what they can and can’t say. All The Best Kids are sincere, and I believe in every word of every song. I believe in All The Best Kids when they tell me how they’re feeling. That’s a rare talent. It’s a one of a kind, once in a lifetime group of incredibly talented artists coming together to create something intangibly wonderful. This is the kind of music we need more of, and not to mention the live shows.


I had the pleasure of seeing All The Best Kids live, and the energy of the performers on stage and the crowd was one of the most intense I’ve ever seen. This is a fun band to see live, they know how to engage a crowd and put on an amazing show. They are performs that belong on a national stage. They are in the process of mixing a new album now, which I am so excited for. Until that time comes, check out Go Out With A Bang and find the new D.C. sound you’ve been waiting to fall in love with.


Listen here:

All The Best Kids: Go Out With A Bang

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