Middle Kid: Yeah, Sure


Middle Kid is an indie rock band from Frederick, Maryland. I caught up with Zach Willis, the main songwriter in this band and got an exclusive preview to their debut EP, “Yeah, Sure”.  From the first track on this EP, it’s clear that Middle Kid has established themselves as a new and exciting force in the Maryland music scene. From the first song to the last, there’s something for everyone on this album. It taps into a timeless teenage misery, and the way that translates into the early twenties. In a way, it has captured a specific moment in time. The time when we aren’t quite adults, we aren’t teenagers, we aren’t anything that you expect us to be. We just are who we are, and the world around us can’t define or place us.  The rhythms are tight, the drums and base played phenomenally by the incredibly talented musicians in this band. The vocals are passionate and raw,  the vocals are honest and heartbreaking. That’s a recurring theme on this album. Raw passion, dissonant reality and transcendence in the face of melancholy.

Yeah, Sure is a clear expression of a conscious mind, with depth and beauty in every track on this EP. It speaks softly,  gentle but with a fire behind every lyric that is as tangible as the atmosphere that surrounds us. To me, it’s a voice that isn’t heard nearly enough. Where the mid 90s left off, Middle Kid picks up with a unique and unequivocal sense of self expression. This EP is full of songs that come straight from the heart, unparalleled truth that comes from 5 shots of whisky and half a pack of cigarettes on a Sunday.

This is an EP that was written with heart, and that sort of stark reality will always resonate well with listeners. I would usually give a place for the readers to listen here, but since this EP isn’t out yet, you’re just going to have to take our word for it. If I were to pick one word for this EP, it would be:




To keep up with Middle Kid and get the latest news about Yeah, Sure and other shows, click here: https://www.facebook.com/middlekidmusic/

Middle Kid: Yeah, Sure

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