Sunshowers Overnight: Self Titled


Sunshowers Overnight is an alternative/indie folk band from Washington, D.C. Sunshowers overnight mixes the morose, macabre, and sorrowful ballads that herald back to the 1980s. In addition to that, there’s the upbeat piano riffs, harrowing vocals, and exquisite composition of the new indie folk that’s been prevalent in our more modern era. It’s a special kind of album that has the hooks and melodies that bring the listener back to memories of so many things, but in and of itself can’t be pinned down. It’s not defined by its influence, but the influences resonate a familiar comfort with the listener. This in turn ends up giving Sunshowers Overnight a warm, feeling, while being something incomparable in its execution.

There’s a lot to be said of the writing on this album. I’m not sure if I have just been extraordinarily fortunate, but the D.C. area is absolutely overflowing with talented writers, artists, composers, dancers, the list of creative works is endless. The arts are thriving in D.C. Maybe is the four seasons, the beauty of the summer inspiring the beauty of the spirit, the bleak and barren winter that brings out our collective despair and desolation. The spring, the way it jumps and dances with its optimism. The Autumn leaves, the caterpillar nests in the trees. The sense that nothing is ever permanent, as the leaves fall the years fall too, fall into a past that can never be again, only expressed and communicated. These are the most beautiful things about this little part of the world, the change seasons are reminiscent of the daily changes in our minds. Sunshowers Overnight is an album that I feel encompasses all the beauty of who we are, what we are, and what we strive to be.

Listen here:

Sunshowers Overnight: Self Titled

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