Bryan Moore: Rip Metronomicon


Bryan Moore is an experimental artist based out of Washington, D.C. This is raw. The things stand out to me in this track right away: The noise and the silence. Really though, it’s not right to just call it a track. It’s more than that. It’s an experience that was recorded, not so much as song but as a moment in time. A wild, visceral kind of moment that we all need more of. The cacophony of strings plucked and pulled voraciously. The distortion of sound that comes across in the harsh dissonance of this art. Rip Metronomicon is the kind of experimental project that would easily fit into any contemporary art musuem. Bryan Moore says it best, right in the first few minutes of the song. “This is the end.” Whatever that means to the listener, whatever that meant to the live crowd this was performed for, there’s a sinister finality to that statement. The end.

This is the sound of the end, the destruction and decomposition of the piece. Even in the photo you can see the project being torn down and broken apart. The ring of a metal crowbar scraping across concrete, string being pulled and broken, wood splintering and cracking, it’s a beautiful of destruction. RIP Metronomicon has all the intensity of a volcanic eruption. It’s experimental sound, I’ve never heard anything like it in my life and I don’t think I’ll ever hear anything quite like it again. Rip Metronomicon is gritty, tough, loud, and powerful. Even at 16 minutes the track still doesn’t seem long enough. I really wish I could have been one of the people in the crowd there, seeing this play out before my eyes and knowing that I was witness to a grand occasion that will never quite be again. Bryan Moore is a great guy that does great things for the local scene, if you see him performing near you soon, go check that you. You do not want to miss this.

Listen here:

Bryan Moore: Rip Metronomicon

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