Echoheart: Eyes Like Mine


Echoheart is a hard rock band from Bethesda, Maryland. This band has a wild energy, listening to this EP is an engaging experience from the first riff. The vocals ring out strong, not only in their execution but the sheer amount of feeling and story packed into every song. Echoheart has a lot to say, driving songs that cover the range of emotions that come from life experience. I really loved the contrast of screaming backing vocals against the beautifully sung lead vox. The drums are strong and every transition is very tight, Echoheart has an incredibly solid rhythm section overall.  The technical proficiency stands strong, all of the little fills and rolls enhance the listening experience. The guitar lines heavy riffs accent and cut into that special part of the mind, special mention goes to the closer, “Attached”. There’s nothing in the world like a beautiful guitar riff, and Echoheart really nailed it on this song. Their ability to write in so many different voices, in such a wide range is a testament to how much talent went into recording Eyes Like Mine.

Echoheart, that name is very accurate to the content of the songs on this EP. The echos of the heartbeats and the growth of our human experience. There’s catharsis in the way Echoheart expresses that life is never perfect and often full of pain and loss. This EP really showcases the phenomenal songwriting of Echoheart. These are timeless tracks, documenting the real human experience. With Eyes Like Mine, Echoheart tapped into our collective consciousness, drenched in fuzz and overdrive. Unique and vicious,  dark and elegant, Echoheart has established themselves as one of the most powerful voices around.

To find out more about shows, this EP, and more check out

Echoheart: Eyes Like Mine

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