For The Fire: Who We Ought To Be


For The Fire is an alternative rock band from Indianapolis, Indiana. With the vocals hooks of the pop punk greats, howling guitar and an tight grooving rhythm section, For The Fire knows how to write a damn good EP. There’s something about this band, For The Fire is easy to fall in love with. It’s accessible and catchy while maintaining a dark and hostile undertone. It’s accusatory, unapologetic and so god damn powerful. I believe in Fight The Fire, and this EP makes it hard not to. The synergy of the drums and bass, the way the songs build up makes For The Fire fun to listen to. The lyrics are engaging and intelligent, a lot of love and passion went into writing these songs. Not only that, the lyrics are clever and insightful.

There’s a lot of pain and anger in this EP. Pain caused by the way people treat us, and the way we treat ourselves. How we react and coexist, the burdens of our empathy and self doubt. It’s the courage of For The Fire that resonates with me. As much overdriven guitar and righteous fury featured on this EP, there’s also a more mellow, acoustic song that showcases the range of For The Fire. Reach for the Stars, my favorite track on this EP is a hauntingly beautiful song. The way the violins cascade over the vocals, the militant snare rolls make it an ethereal experience. It’s the kind of song that’s perfect to listen to in the moonlight, as the clouds begin to block out all the stars. The tone and production on Who We Ought To Be is phenomenal. With five tracks it’s the perfect introduction to what could be your favorite new local band, and will definitely leave you wanting more. Fight The Fire tours quite often, and could be coming to your town soon!


For more information, tour dates and more check out their website here:

For The Fire: Who We Ought To Be

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