VO/ID (pronounced No Void) is a post hardcore band from Washington, D.C. We got a chance to listen to their upcoming release, Ohms/Failures.

It’s coming out in just a few days on the 25th, and it’s an amazing release.

The riffs are heavy and hit hard, but leave lots of space for a more quiet build up. This is a incredibly well orchestrated, well produced release. They have a lot of subtle pieces shaping their songs, and I was still picking up on things I hadn’t noticed before on the third and fourth listen.

For fans of The Mars Volta, The Melvins, Tool, Lightning Bolt, or Circle Takes the Square this is definitely one not to miss. There’s a lot of power in this music, and VO/ID understands the importance of letting a song breathe. Giving the space for the tension to build. The first track on this release, “Mountains,” is phenomenal. The talent everyone in this band has really shines. VO/ID is the kind of band that has a serious energy, and they have a show coming up this Saturday  11/26 @ The Commune in DC! 1605 15th Street NW, if you enjoy OHMS/FAILURES go out and see them! Support local music!

Ohms/Failures will be released this Friday, 11/25/16