It’s Over, It’s Under : Moonflower


Moonflower is a grunge band from Kent County, Delaware. This album starts out strong, not only in the heavy drums and overdriven guitar, but in the direct and confessional content of the lyrics. Moonflower has no pretensions or vague metaphors expressing feelings. It’s very raw, and in that way very relatable. It takes a talented writer to get so personal, it takes a lot of courage to write in such an exposed way. Apologetic, angry, full of regret and amazing lines, this is an experience. “Daze,” is the track that really stood out to me the most.

It’s astonishing the way that Moonflower can capture a moment that I’ve felt in my own life. There’s a certain kind of emotion that this album captures, but I wound’t know the right word for it. It’s some kind of combination between sadness, frustration, longing and melancholy. Not any of those more than another, but all of those feeling simultaneously. It’s kind of like laying awake, or just with your eyes closed, contemplating all of the things you should have said. The way all of your memories cascade around your mind, it can be overwhelming. Moonflower has clearly put a lot of themselves into this release. I have barely talked about the instrumentals, they are incredible on every track.

The album has a fantastic flow, the arrangement of every track blends well, nothing feels out of place. The drumming is tasteful when it needs to be and explosive at the right moments. That’s the thing about this album, it just has all of these amazing moments. Whether it’s a line that hits close to home, an explosive chorus, or an entire song. It’s Over, It’s Under is inspirational, real, and very sad. I love it. There’s power in being sad.

Check it out here:

It’s Over, It’s Under : Moonflower

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