Little Lungs: Self Titled EP


Little Lungs is an indie rock band from Baltimore, Maryland. There’s something about this release that makes it stand out. It’s all about feeling, and thoughts. The expressions of love, pain, rejection, and hope. The second track, “Parliament,” is one of the most magnificent songs on this release. It really has an exceptional sound. The way the guitar leads flow with the vocals in this song, makes for a stunning composition. There’s a lot to be said about knowing when to step back, the ebb and flow of these songs. I think that can partially be attributed to the fantastic mixing on this release. Little Lungs sounds tremendous from start to end. There’s an impressive amount of variety on this EP, no two songs sound the same. Each track is it’s own story, a chronicle of pain, irritation, and tenderness.

What I’m reminded of most when listening to Little Lungs, if I were to compare it to something mainstream would be a combination of My Morning Jacket and Yeah Yeah Yeahs. They definitely have their own voice though, and the unique resonance that can only come from authentic, passionate songwriting. As remarkable as anything else on this album, the compositions in every song stand out. They are all quite memorable and . All the tracks on this EP have very tight hooks and melodies, while  also maintaining that organic feeling of being quite intimate. Every member of this band is extremely capable, proficient, and precise. Little Lungs is the kind of band that you’ll be in the mood to listen to several times. “Parliament,” was my favorite track. Everything from the lyrics, the drums, the bass  and the arrangement is so satisfying to listen to. Check out Little Lungs if you haven’t already, and support their talent!

Listen here:

Little Lungs: Self Titled EP

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