The Duskwhales: Sorrowful Mysteries


The Duskwhales are an indie pop band from Washington, D.C.

Upbeat and full of dynamism, I’ve never heard a band quite so jubilant about feeling dismal. It’s not  an unexplored territory in the indie pop scene, but The Duskwhales come across such with a palpable honesty in their writing and composition. The hooks on this album are infectious, and have the potential to stay with the listener for a long time.  The songs are well composed musically, with exemplary percussion, keys, and guitar lines in every song.  This band just feels so together. It’s clear that The Duskwhales are experienced composers, and this album highlights all of their skill and hard work. The architectural structures of the melodies are dazzling. The vocals are forceful and symphonic. Sorrowful Mysteries also has a really pleasant flow as the album goes on.

The Duskwhales have taken all the good pop and indie sensibilities of the last forty or fifty years and condensed them into an album. It’s safe to say that there’s something for everyone on this album. It’s very easy to get absorbed in this music, spellbound by tenderness and melancholy. If you’re into Alt-J, Passion Pit, countless 80’s new wave, Tame Impala, or just looking for some good party music, look no further.

The Duskwhales are one of the more prominent local acts from the D.C. area. and are quite prolific with both the amount of shows and touring they go through. They have also been around for a long time, putting out their first release back in 2012. If you haven’t heard Sorrowful Mysteries, give it a listen soon. Then listen to it again when you can’t get, “In the Year of Jubilee,” out of your head. Also go see them live, they have many many shows all up and down the east coast and I’m sure they would love to see you there!


Listen here:


Review by: J.O.

The Duskwhales: Sorrowful Mysteries

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