Tomato Dodgers: Standing In The Soup Line (Featuring Antihero)


Tomato Dodgers are a psychedelic funk prog who even knows anymore band from College Park, MD. Ketchup Chemtrails is an old favorite at Glory In Sound, and something I still listen to regularly. There’s a timeless quality to this band, it’s something about the brutally honest mixture of pain, excitement, and a giant party.  Standing In The Soup Line confirms what many longtime T.D. fans already knew, Tomato Dodgers have an endless well of talent and creativity that they can pull from. Sometimes as bands go on through the years the passion starts to fade, but it seems that time has made Tomato Dodgers better, more innovative and sophisticated while still somewhere on the boundary of psychedelic and psychotic. As expected, every musician playing on this single destroys their line. At the time of writing I’ve listened to this song at least 6 times, and there’s still more to hear.

Any great work of art, be it in the medium of paint or music, deserves to be looked at again and again. The guest vocals add another layer of intensity and excitement to Standing In The Soup Line, it’s an captivating way of mixing things up and building intensity. The lineup for this single shows a new direction for Tomato Dodgers, but it’s all moving in a satisfying direction. Asher’s slightly psychotic vocals are still the stand out in this track, building to a raucous chorus of distortion and fuzz. Tera absolutely destroys in her backing vocals on this song, her voice is dynamic and comeplling. There’s no divide in the level of vocal talent and instrumental talent. This single is exceptional. It’s cheap, insanely catchy, and the imaginative inventive nature of Tomato Dodgers is astonishing. If you can, support Tomato Dodgers and their work. They host a lot of great shows, support touring bands, provide a safe place for people to have a good time and even have their own label. They bring people out to shows, tour regularly and a multitude of other undertakings. There’s no doubt about their passion and work ethic, and with that in mind I am eagerly waiting for more from Tomato Dodgers. There’s a lot to look forward to.


Listen here:

Tomato Dodgers: Standing In The Soup Line (Featuring Antihero)

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