Lilac Sun: Shadow

Liliac Sun

Lilac Sun is an experimental bedroom pop band from Harrisonburg, VA. First and foremost, this is a beautiful collection of songs. Brutally honest, brimming with sincerity and sadness, Lilac Sun is unique, and one of the most interesting local acts I’ve had the pleasure of hearing. These songs are complex and layered, full of emotion and a passionate, wistful longing. Lilac Sun delves into the unspoken and ugly truth of life. The frailty of existence, and acknowledging the isolation of modern life. These are my favorite kinds of songs. Written out of necessity, to silence the howling storms that keep us awake at night. There’s also a subtle reassuring quality to Lilac Sun. The vocals work is astounding. The harmonies harken back to the smooth psychedelia of the late ’60s and ’70s, it takes a lot of expertise to compose songs that feel like instant classics on the first listen. Lilac Sun is a band worth admiration, the determination and brutal vulnerability they bring to the local music world will not soon be forgotten.


Listen here:

Lilac Sun: Shadow

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