Bottled up is a high energy, surf punk band from D.C. Brilliant and dreamy music with complex vocal and guitar layering over smooth beats. Bottled Up has a great flow, it’s difficult to listen to this EP the first time without immediately putting it on again.

There’s such depth and emotional weight to this music, on top of being exceptionally well written. It’s not so much about the individual songs themselves, it’s about the experience of listening to the EP in full. Bottled Up exists in a very special place. Somewhere between being overwhelmed with the beauty of existence and the crushing weight of the darkness in the world. The duality of good and bad, what we wish could be and what is. This may not at all have been what they were going for, but that’s what it brought out in me.

There is so much disconnection in the modern world, sometimes it’s nice to hear someone sing a song about their mom catching them using LSD. That kind of raw emotion is one of the best things about Bottled Up. They have brought out a lot of new ideas and ingenuity with this EP, and they are just as good live! Go see a show soon, or catch them on their upcoming tour!

Favorite track: Ovenhead

*Listen here!*




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