Debrider: Widowed


Debrider is a dream pop band from Richmond, Virginia. Their second release, Widowed, is a powerful one–brutally honest, sincere, and brilliant in its mournful musings. The first track, Last Place, speaks to the difficult pain of relationships. Widowed conveys themes of emotional abuse, and stark reflections on the way people can destroy each other in love. It sings lament to beautiful dreams that could never be. The percussion is incredibly performed and structured, and the vocal harmonies are expertly crafted. The songs are lyrically driven, so reading along on band camp enhances the listening experience. Lia Pisa-Relli is an extremely talented songwriter who knows how to reach into the deepest parts of the human experience.

“Like A Man”, the final track on this EP is my personal favorite. It exemplifies everything that Debrider is: a stunning display of engaging composition and dark destruction. There are so many voices in this song; it’s an excellent way to close the short, memorable release. This fall, the air will be haunted by the echoes of Widowed, and I can’t wait to hear what Debrider does next!

“Who’s in better shape, Who still has a soul?” – Last Place

Listen here:

Debrider: Widowed

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