Although is an indie rock band from Frederick, MD. Their two song EP, Test,  came in under the radar last year and blew us away. It’s full of passion, pain and gives a voice to the feeling of being trapped and lost in the endless repetition of existence. Although evokes the emotional weight that bears down on us all from the uncertainty of our place in the universe.

Although  writes the kind of songs that stay with the listener,, one of this bands greatest strengths is their songwriting. Although can say more with two chords than some artists can say in an entire record. Sometimes it can seem like so much emphasis in popular music lately has been all about being happy and pushing all negativity and anger to the side. It’s as if the darker emotions don’t haunt the waking hours of our lives.  It’s refreshing when something as bold and sincere as this comes out. Although has made a remarkably personal, and they are set to leave an impact on the world around them.

As many quiet, pensive moments are in Test, Although has an explosive and commanding live energy. Fans of Built To Spill, Modest Mouse, The Pixies, should make a point to listen to this band.


Listen here:


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