Piramid Scheme: Get Rich Quick Too


Piramid Scheme is a garage glam rock band from Washington, DC. They recently released their first EP, a very dark and personal release that highlights innovative brilliance of Lisa Said. It’s reminiscent of of the proto-punk of the late 70s, but still  sounds contemporary and innovative.

This band is full of incredibly talented people. The songwriting and intricate guitar lines really stand out. It’s a very electric guitar driven EP. Get Rich Quick Too calls out a lot of people for their bullshit without expecting anything to change. This connects to the listener in a very personal way. It’s not difficult to feel and understand the things Piramid Scheme is presenting, and it can turn listening into a deeply emotional and introspective experience. Pay 2 Play, the final track on the album is a perfect example of this. The way the voices build on top of each other, getting more confused and desperate is absolutely brilliant in its presentation.

For fans of The Velvet Underground, Iggy Pop, The Cure, or Patti Smith. 

Piramid Scheme has a lot to offer everyone, and if you’re in the DC area try to go see a show! Piramid Scheme is playing Black Cat on 5/1, don’t miss out!


Listen here: http://www.piramidscheme.com

Piramid Scheme: Get Rich Quick Too