Fellowcraft: Three


Fellowcraft is a grunge-blues trio from Washington, D.C.

Over three years in the making, Fellowcraft has gone above and beyond with the production and composition. This album reflects the D.C. party vibe while still getting that fuzz in. This is very evident in the track, That’s That. It’s refreshing to have some positive vibes in these dark times. D.C. has been a battleground since 2016, but it’s still a beautiful, unique place that has so many things to offer both residents and tourists. It’s a city of travelers and vagrants, of transition and government oppression. This album at times feels like a love letter to the life in the city and a condemnation of the evils within.

Raucous guitars give way to quiet, somber reflection that comes from a cold D.C. street after last call. Special note that there are many special featured guests, I won’t spoil them here but if you are into live music in the district they will be familiar.

This album is fantastic in that there is something for everyone, while keeping things fresh and original with their organic take on the blues, grunge, and everything in between.

Favorite Track: Believe in We


For fans of: Pearl Jam, Rage Against the Machine, Foghat, Buffalo Springfield, Stevie Ray Vaughn.



Fellowcraft: Three

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