Debrider: Gift Horse

debrider - gh

Debrider is a dreamy indie pop shoegaze dive into a world of beautiful despondency. Based out of Richmond, this is the third album that the band has released. Gift Horse is stunning, the vocal harmonies by Lia Pisa-Relli are dazzling and unforgettable. The raw power in her voice shines through in every song, and with help of new band members are elevated by their skillful and dynamic creativity. Debrider excels at channeling vulnerability and loneliness and making it feel authentic.

There’s a lot of catharsis to be found in Gift Horse. Times are hard for a lot of people, and sometimes just knowing that another person out there is going through the same thing can be so reassuring and inspiring. Many musicians get into songwriting with the mindset of writing something that would make people feel more okay about their lives. By writing about the most painful experiences, the anguish and heartache of others can be lessened. Debrider has absolutely achieved that with Gift Horse.

“I forget what it even feels like to feel right” – Lover’s Lullaby

For fans of : Warpaint, Slowdive, Bon Iver



Debrider: Gift Horse