Lotion Princess: Take Care

Take Care Cover

Released February 1, 2019

In their latest release, Take Care, Lotion Princess unveils five sweetly luscious heartthrob songs. Melodies adorned in graceful harmonies lead the way, opening into a beautiful sprawling sadness reminiscent of Beck’s Sea Change (albeit more hopeful).

Sasha’s vocals are worthy of pop star acclaim; clear and polished, precise, and with a softness that soothes. These songs speak of simply observed truths, candid feelings, and kind wishes for loved ones near or far. Subtle complexities in songwriting do the songs favors and repetitive lyrics will echo all day, leaving anyone who hears Take Care longing to listen again.

For fans of: Imogen Heap, Mirah, Sade 

Listen: https://lotionprincess.bandcamp.com/album/take-care


Lotion Princess: Take Care