Scott Siskind: Old Ghosts | New Homes


Tension is a key factor in this release- driving tempos, the attack of instrumentation, and a vocal delivery that ranges from introspective statement to extreme expression. Siskind sets the stage for this intensity with textural field recording- playground sounds, the sound of a pencil scrawling quickly on paper, footsteps- reinforcing a sense of intimacy as songs about the human experience, from his viewpoint, come tumbling forth.

The writing explores coming to terms with oneself as an individual, addressing the veil of “normalcy” as maturing experience lifts it to find only oneself looking back in question. The production keeps the edge on these performances, which serves to support the nature of urgency embodied in each piece. Even the instrumental ‘Partition’ serves to support the overall brooding tone.

Siskind does give us one thing to hold onto- self-realization is not a unique experience. It is an often dark but necessary journey, and will follow us regardless of were we go.

FFO: Death Cab for Cutie, Ani DiFranco, Conor Oberst

Listen Here:

-D. K.

Scott Siskind: Old Ghosts | New Homes

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