The OSYX keeps bringing one word to my mind: serious. Every track from start to finish, through multiple listens I couldn’t escape that serious thing. And I loved it. With the opening track, “Carry it With Me,” I’m transported to a live venue. The music is kicking and the drums are in control. The guitars keep me on my toes and the music leaves me wanting more.

“Six Feet Under” pulls me in with its power and construction, and a catchy riff that had me humming it all day long.

“Bicoastal” pumps the brakes a little bit and makes me think about things. Big rhythm guitars with subtle melodic lines and the guitar’s feedback take me to the early Radiohead albums; not a bad place to be.

While “Dog Fight” is an Instrumental (except for the shouts of the title a couple times) it still fits perfectly among the rest. Splatty fuzz guitar, bass grooves, and vocal skills keep you hanging on.

“Scavenger” is a song you sway with. The bass/rhythm section makes it easy for the words of the beautifully haunting tune to take control of your imagination in all of the ways a song like this should. And did I mention the strings are amazing?

“Driving Intervention” had me dancing with its funky elements, pop rock essence, waves of vocals and drums that tell you when and where to move.

Serious. That word, that feeling that runs through The OSYX is powerful and right on time. The last tune, “Bad Omen,” does what that last runner in the relay does–drives it home and seals the deal. “Bad Omen” lets me know the show is over. It explains everything. It ties the themes and feelings of the album together while marching me back into my everyday life. I hear the words of people who are serious about sharing their experiences through song. I hear a band taking their music seriously.

I have a feeling if you don’t get the chance to give The OSYX a listen you will still come across these tunes. Maybe you’ll hear them in your next favorite film or TV series, a video game, or recommended by friends. Songs with such composition and power tend to get out and about.

FFO: Veruca Salt, Belly, The

Listen Here

-V. V


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