EU1OGY (Baltimore, MD) is an artist who defies almost all classification. An artist who has developed a style that is truly his own. 

His music exists on a plane somewhere between heavy electronic, metal/hardcore, noise, and hip hop. In his new release and music video, WAGON V.2— a reimagining of their 2017 release, WAGON, the tendrils of Metal have infiltrated the track creating one of the most punishingly aggro songs I’ve ever heard with an 808 trap beat.

WAGON V.2 maintains a lot of integrity musically to the original WAGON in certain elements while also completely reinventing itself in others. The melody of the signature Skream sample from the original track is still present however it was reworked to be more dissonant and is  overlaid, with heavy distortion and a riff that will shove you in a locker between classes. The vocals as well have been injected with hardcore and while the lyrics remain the same as the original track they now feel guttural and evil. 

The video forces the viewer to be a bystander to a Froot-Loop-laced Hellscape that oozes Baltimore out of every pore. Director Monique Juliette Baron creates an experience that makes me feel like Alex Delarge of A Clockwork Orange, eyes clamped open and force fed imagery of death. She sucks the viewer into a jaundiced, Gummo-esque fever dream complete with balaclavas and spaghetti-o’s in the bathtub. The two collaborated before on EU1OGY’s first music video for the track “TOP DOWN” and together have more material coming down the pipeline. It is unique art like this that makes me feel excited for the future of music in the Maryland scene.

Watch Here:

-D. G.


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