Lotion Princess: Take Care

Take Care Cover

Released February 1, 2019

In their latest release, Take Care, Lotion Princess unveils five sweetly luscious heartthrob songs. Melodies adorned in graceful harmonies lead the way, opening into a beautiful sprawling sadness reminiscent of Beck’s Sea Change (albeit more hopeful).

Sasha’s vocals are worthy of pop star acclaim; clear and polished, precise, and with a softness that soothes. These songs speak of simply observed truths, candid feelings, and kind wishes for loved ones near or far. Subtle complexities in songwriting do the songs favors and repetitive lyrics will echo all day, leaving anyone who hears Take Care longing to listen again.

For fans of: Imogen Heap, Mirah, Sade 

Listen: https://lotionprincess.bandcamp.com/album/take-care


Lotion Princess: Take Care

Debrider: Gift Horse

debrider - gh

Debrider is a dreamy indie pop shoegaze dive into a world of beautiful despondency. Based out of Richmond, this is the third album that the band has released. Gift Horse is stunning, the vocal harmonies by Lia Pisa-Relli are dazzling and unforgettable. The raw power in her voice shines through in every song, and with help of new band members are elevated by their skillful and dynamic creativity. Debrider excels at channeling vulnerability and loneliness and making it feel authentic.

There’s a lot of catharsis to be found in Gift Horse. Times are hard for a lot of people, and sometimes just knowing that another person out there is going through the same thing can be so reassuring and inspiring. Many musicians get into songwriting with the mindset of writing something that would make people feel more okay about their lives. By writing about the most painful experiences, the anguish and heartache of others can be lessened. Debrider has absolutely achieved that with Gift Horse.

“I forget what it even feels like to feel right” – Lover’s Lullaby

For fans of : Warpaint, Slowdive, Bon Iver

LINK: https://debrider.bandcamp.com


Debrider: Gift Horse

Fellowcraft: Three


Fellowcraft is a grunge-blues trio from Washington, D.C.

Over three years in the making, Fellowcraft has gone above and beyond with the production and composition. This album reflects the D.C. party vibe while still getting that fuzz in. This is very evident in the track, That’s That. It’s refreshing to have some positive vibes in these dark times. D.C. has been a battleground since 2016, but it’s still a beautiful, unique place that has so many things to offer both residents and tourists. It’s a city of travelers and vagrants, of transition and government oppression. This album at times feels like a love letter to the life in the city and a condemnation of the evils within.

Raucous guitars give way to quiet, somber reflection that comes from a cold D.C. street after last call. Special note that there are many special featured guests, I won’t spoil them here but if you are into live music in the district they will be familiar.

This album is fantastic in that there is something for everyone, while keeping things fresh and original with their organic take on the blues, grunge, and everything in between.

Favorite Track: Believe in We


For fans of: Pearl Jam, Rage Against the Machine, Foghat, Buffalo Springfield, Stevie Ray Vaughn.



Fellowcraft: Three

Vorrh: Nomads of the Infinite Wild


Vorrh is a dark-ambient band based in Baltimore, MD. Their debut album, Nomads of the Infinite Wild, was released in March 2018. Vorrh’s music gives off an earthy vibe and air of mystery. The songs uncoil into a vibrant soundscape–part forest, part desert–each one seamlessly flowing into the next. The guitar and vocal lines are matched in a steady dance, ghostly and shimmering. Its heaviness and fuzz are balanced by graceful, melodic subtlety. There is a lot of empty space here, used in the best way possible. Nomads of the Infinite Wild creates a mood and holds its listeners there. It’s calming drone is easy to be lost in.

For fans of: King Woman, Earth, Tool

Listen and download here: https://vorrh.bandcamp.com/


Vorrh: Nomads of the Infinite Wild

The Neuro Farm: Ghosts


The Neuro Farm is a four piece indie rock band based in Washington DC. Their second and latest release, Ghosts, is a seven song circuit through spacey darkness and attentive revelry. Their sound is layered beautifully with soaring violin and vocal harmonies and an intense, driving rhythm section. This is a group who understands that music is magic, and communicates it well. Simultaneously grounding and expanding, the feel of the record resonates deep within that place where we are “one purpose…one mind.”

For fans of: The Smashing Pumpkins, Chelsea Wolfe, Florence + The Machine

Listen and download here: https://theneurofarm.bandcamp.com/

Follow and find a list of The Neuro Farm’s upcoming shows here: https://www.facebook.com/theneurofarm


The Neuro Farm: Ghosts

Piramid Scheme: Get Rich Quick Too


Piramid Scheme is a garage glam rock band from Washington, DC. They recently released their first EP, a very dark and personal release that highlights innovative brilliance of Lisa Said. It’s reminiscent of of the proto-punk of the late 70s, but still  sounds contemporary and innovative.

This band is full of incredibly talented people. The songwriting and intricate guitar lines really stand out. It’s a very electric guitar driven EP. Get Rich Quick Too calls out a lot of people for their bullshit without expecting anything to change. This connects to the listener in a very personal way. It’s not difficult to feel and understand the things Piramid Scheme is presenting, and it can turn listening into a deeply emotional and introspective experience. Pay 2 Play, the final track on the album is a perfect example of this. The way the voices build on top of each other, getting more confused and desperate is absolutely brilliant in its presentation.

For fans of The Velvet Underground, Iggy Pop, The Cure, or Patti Smith. 

Piramid Scheme has a lot to offer everyone, and if you’re in the DC area try to go see a show! Piramid Scheme is playing Black Cat on 5/1, don’t miss out!


Listen here: http://www.piramidscheme.com

Piramid Scheme: Get Rich Quick Too


Although is an indie rock band from Frederick, MD. Their two song EP, Test,  came in under the radar last year and blew us away. It’s full of passion, pain and gives a voice to the feeling of being trapped and lost in the endless repetition of existence. Although evokes the emotional weight that bears down on us all from the uncertainty of our place in the universe.

Although  writes the kind of songs that stay with the listener,, one of this bands greatest strengths is their songwriting. Although can say more with two chords than some artists can say in an entire record. Sometimes it can seem like so much emphasis in popular music lately has been all about being happy and pushing all negativity and anger to the side. It’s as if the darker emotions don’t haunt the waking hours of our lives.  It’s refreshing when something as bold and sincere as this comes out. Although has made a remarkably personal, and they are set to leave an impact on the world around them.

As many quiet, pensive moments are in Test, Although has an explosive and commanding live energy. Fans of Built To Spill, Modest Mouse, The Pixies, should make a point to listen to this band.


Listen here: https://although.bandcamp.com/